Category: "Modern Peru"

Puente de Fierro

August 15th, 2011 |

Designed by a well known frenchman, Gustave Eiffel of tower fame, the Puente de Fierro (or Bolivar as it is sometimes called) was built in 1882 to be used as a viaduct for the train route to Cusco. At 488m long it was the longest in the world at the time, until some years later it was beaten by a Scottish bridge. Even today, not including suspension bridges, it is still the 7th longest bridge that exists.

Founder’s Mansion

August 15th, 2011 |

The city of Arequipa was founded in 1540 by Garcí Manuel de Carbajal, who in the nearby fertile lands of Huasacache built his mansion. Huasacache, in the valley of the river Socabaya only a short distance from the city, passed through various hands over the years until it was bought by Jesuit missionaries.

Sabor Nacional – the history of Inca Kola

November 15th, 2010 |

Stepping off a ship in the port of Callao in 1910, a British immigrant couple called the Lindleys were starting a new life in the Americas. Little did they know that they’d become an integral part of Peru’s national identity and create one of the greatest modern Peruvian icons.

Baños de Miraflores

October 22nd, 2010 |

Back when Miraflores was a small seaside town some way outside Lima, long before the construction of the highway that runs along the foot of the cliffs of the Costa Verde, the well-to-do of Lima would walk down the cobbled street of the Bajada Balta to the beach resort to spend a summer’s afternoon by the sea.

Teatro Municipal de Lima

October 12th, 2010 |

Opened in 1920 with ownership then transferred to the city in 1929, the Municipal Theatre was considered among the best on the continent. Suffering complete destruction in a fire that left only a shell in 1998, long delayed restoration has finally been completed with the re-inauguration taking place on the 11th of October 2010.

Video: People of the Mountains, 1940

June 2nd, 2010 |

First presenting the contrast between the republican grandeur of Lima and the Andean stylings of Cusco, this video goes on to follow the day to day live of rural Cusqueños. In the images you will also see Machu Picchu before its restoration, as well as Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and a Cusco without cars.

Garcia’s Tren Eléctrico to finally get moving

May 5th, 2010 |

A symbol for the abysmal failure of Alan Garcia’s first government, it was rubbed in the faces of those who suffered his incompetence and its affects day in and day out for years afterwards. Before being kicked out of office for the second time in 2011, Alan García and his second government are hoping to finally get this comically stalled project completed.