Take a trip through Enchanted Peru
…a  photographic  journey  across  stunning landscapes  of  NATURAL beauty,  deep  into  an  extraordinary history  to  discover  ancient  RUINS,  to  meet  a  fascinating  PEOPLE whose  culture and  daily  lives reflect  a  diverse blend  of  races  and  beliefs,  and  to  find  out  why  Peru  is  the  gastronomic capital  of  the  Americas  thanks  to  its  delicious  FOOD.

Deserts, rainforests and glacial peaks

Journey across one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. A land of spectacular beauty, Peru is home to thousands of species of plants, birds, insects, fish and mammals. Join me as we travel up and down the coast, across the rugged mountains and deep into the Amazon basin seeking out its natural wonders.

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Culture and daily life of real Peruvians

A long fascinating history has forged an equally fascinating people. Peru is a country of the indigenous and a country of immigrants, of huge wealth and of great poverty. Join me as we attempt to understand this diverse and intriguing population, and gain some insight into their lives.

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Relics of an extraordinary ancient past

From the dawn of civilisation to the age of the Incas, Peru has a huge archaeological legacy. Their cities and monuments laying in ruins, we can only imagine the grandeur of these empires and what life was like when they were at their peaks. Join me as we take a look at Peru’s ancient past, and the discover treasures its people have left behind.

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Real photos of real food taken as served

Hugely varied, largely unique and most of all, very tasty, Peruvian food is set to conquer the world. Blessed as a country diverse in peoples and geography, it is little wonder that Peru can deliver more unique dishes than any country in the Americas. Join me as we discover why Peru is said to lay claim to one of the world’s greatest cuisines.

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