…en Perú receives on average 500-700 unique visitors each day. When including return visitors this number jumps to 8 or 9 hundred, or when looking at page loads over one thousand. That means there are at the very least some 4100 unique visitors each week with an interest in Peru, travel and leisure, gastronomy, or one of the other Peru-related topics that can appear on this blog. So, if you run a business in one of these areas, that is a relatively small but incredibly focused set of future customers to target with your advertising.

About half of all visitors to this website arrive by search results, hang around as long as it takes to read the item they found, and disappear. These may be the people you have most success with as they tend to be searching for information on subjects like sights to see, bus companies, Peruvian food and country facts. It may be this group who are most likely to be interested in tours, flights, travel destinations and a variety of other areas related to your business.

Another quarter are regulars. Regular readers are tourists and residents currently in Peru, or those who have family in Peru, married to a Peruvian or experienced travellers with other connections to Peru. This group may also be of interest.

The final quarter are people arriving from direct links from other websites that talk about or link to my articles. These may be on other blogs, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, travel websites or even PromPeru, Peru’s tourism board. Again, visitors from these locations are usually tourists or those with a connection to Peru, and respond best with tourism, food and news articles.

Importantly, the vast majority of visitors are from the United States and Canada, with the next highest number being the UK and Australia. …en Perú is the largest repository of Peru-centric destination guides, travel stories, cultural information and news stories in the English language online, making it one of the few places to go for English speakers looking for detailed information. If English speakers form a large part of your customer base, it would make sense to target these visitors.

How it works

Ad space is sold on a weekly basis, not by easily manipulated clicks or views, you are buying ad space that is yours and never rotated, just as you would in a magazine or on a billboard. Each blog post, as well as the index page, category page and tag page, contain two sets of rentable spaces.

In the top area (above), two 300×80 banners are displayed and are visible immediately when each page of the site is loaded and before the user scrolls down to read. They are visible again should the user scroll up to access the menu.

These spaces are available for just $10 per week (that works out, during the average week, to be much less than half of one cent per view by a unique visitor).

On the side bar (above), at a strategic level that matches the last part of the main body of individual articles, sits level with the top 20% of search and category results and slots in just below the oft-used Recent Articles area, two smaller ads are to be found.

These spaces are available for just $4 per week, working out at, again, much much less than half of one cent per view by a unique visitor.

Sponsorship of individual articles can also be arranged, both on a temporary and on a permanent basis.

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