Garcia is President

June 5th, 2006

At the end of last night, an initial quick count was conducted that was almost exactly in line with the exit polls. The actual counting was started, and while waiting for the preliminary results, two other exit polls suggested a Garcia win.

Humala had briefly claimed victory, saying that hope had won over fear, and that a new beginning of nationalistic change was upon Peru. However, after the initial quick count he relented, with Garcia then claiming victory. He agreed… hope had won over fear.

At 11:30pm, over 85% of the votes had been counted, giving Garcia close to a 5% lead. The counted votes are mostly made up of city votes, where the counting is done faster. It will take a few more days before all the highland votes are tallied, and a few more days still for expatriate votes of Peruvians living North America, Europe and East Asia to be included.

Soon after the initial results Humala conceded, stating that he recognises the democratic result and salutes his opponent. He said he will continue his movement for radical change.

Garcia said the result has defeated Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez attempt to influence Peru, saying “Today the majority of the country has delivered a message in favour of independence, of sovereignty”. He continued that Chavez’s attempt to bring Peru into his militaristic and backwards expansion that he is trying to force on South America.

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