Santiago de Surco

July 18th, 2006

Surco was originally a vacation spot during Spanish colonial times, Spaniards in Lima would visit for some peace and quiet. That was before the metropolis of Lima swallowed this once small town and it became one of the seven city districts created after independence.

But there are still signs of what once was.
This small church, San Juan Grande, is 254 years old, and was built by the Jesuit order before they were banished from Spanish colonies. Most of the original town surrounded this church, but it was burnt down by the invading Chilean army in the War of the Pacific.
My photos show the main plaza of Surco, the Iglesia Santiago Apóstol, and some of the old buildings that have been preserved, possibly recreated.

Around the plaza there are many great restaurants serving traditional creole food (comida criolla). Walk into any and you will be presented with a nice atmosphere and wonderful food.

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