Local Wildlife in eastern Junin

August 29th, 2006

We took many photos of the local wildlife. You’ve already seen the giant ants at Bayoz. Most of the other insects were so unusual for me that I forgot to take photos – 4cm beatles, flying grasshopper things and spiders the size of your hand we among some of the sights. I also saw a couple of fireflies – again a first for me.

The pictures here are of a place we visited, a small privately owned reserve where you can see alot of the local animal life. It was difficult to get a picture of the flocks of parrots flying above the trees and completely impossible to get a shot of the hummingbirds, so I have just included some of my favourite photos, including the pet monkey that lived in the cafe nearby.

The video below is of a plant, that when touched, retracts its leaves to protect them.

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