Avenida Miguel Grau

September 20th, 2006

On leaving Lima to travel to Santiago I didn’t have time to mention the opening of the refurbished Avenida Miguel Grau. As this blog states the job cost $18.5 million. Read about this 3.5km street in the link above.

But why is this interesting? Well, I haven’t been to see it in person yet, but on TV some days before it opened it looks stunningly new, clean and modern. It will most definately not stay like that for long in this city, but it shows how Lima could look if more people were less dirty (“Gente Cochina” is a common phrase here) and the city was less poluted.
There are dozens of new projects to create new ultra-modern avenues and public transport means thanks to Peru’s massive economic growth. I wonder how Lima will look in 50 years.

Parque de la Muralla

Alameda Las Malvinas

Plaza Perú

Ampliación Acho

Intercambio Vial Panamericana Sur – Villa El Salvador

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