God now charges by the hour

November 1st, 2006

I knew something was up when several metres in front of us I saw two tourists approach Cuzco’s grand cathedral, speak with a couple of guys blocking the door, then walk away disappointed. Perhaps it was closed to tourists today?
It turns out that if you want to enter the cathedral and look around, something I do in every city in Peru and takes a few minutes, you have to pay S./16 per person. Only in Cuzco would you have to pay to enter a cathedral. But it doesn’t stop there. We tried to enter other churches that took our interest, many of which built by destroying Inca buildings to use the bricks or foundations. The story was the same, cough up huge sums of money or God is just not interested.

We couldn’t afford to enter the cathedral or any churches in Cuzco. Perhaps God will welcome us into his flock when we earn a higher salary.

More Cusco greed here.

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