Emergency declared for Chan Chan

November 17th, 2006

The largest archaeological site and pre-Columbian city in the Americas, Chan Chan, has been placed under an emergency declaration.

The ruins lay in La Libertad, in the north of Perú, and formed the central administrative center for the Chimú culture, which developed from the remnants of the collapsed Moche civilisation.
This spectacular site is constructed entirely of adobe, making excavated parts extremely fragile to wind and rain. It costs tremendous amounts of time and money to keep it in good order (95% of all entrance fees to towards restoration, INC take note).

However, only so much can be done to keep these fragile structures safe – and with the eminent onslaught of El Niño in December, bringing heavy rains and destruction, the Government have declared and emergency period of 120 days in which to formulate and implement a new and more effective plan.

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