Ecuador: Cuenca

February 6th, 2007

From Ingapirca we returned to El Tambo to take a bus to Cuenca, no more than 2 hours away. As we approached I noticed the city seemed less run-down and dirty than the other cities we had seen so far. We arrived in the late evening, got something to eat and went to sleep.

The next morning we headed out to take a walk around what is described as the finest colonial city in Ecuador. It was just that as these photos with descriptions of some of the sights show.

The market in Cuenca was a wonderful sight, and smell. We entered the market where fresh fruit and vegetables were being sold and finished inside the building where entire roast pigs were being carved up ready for people’s lunches. I remember Anthony Bourdain, when visiting Puerto Rico, explaining that the best part of a roasted pig was the cheek area of the face. I didn’t have a chance to test this out due to a lack of money and a lack of will to eat due to a bad experience with street food a few days before coming to Cuenca.

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