Private Jet

April 11th, 2007

We arrived at Ayacucho’s airport and boarded our private jet back to Lima. No really, we did.

I found myself increasingly ill over our last couple of days in Ayacucho… a bad cold, some bad food and high altitude can really take its toll. I needed to leave Ayacucho despite not visiting Vilcas Huaman, Huanta or the Huari ruins – all things I wanted to do. I wouldn’t make it 9 hours on a bus in my condition so we had to look at paying 3 times more to travel home by air.

There are two airlines flying between Lima and Ayacucho, Aero Condor and LC Busre. The latter had a flight that same day, which we paid for and headed straight to the airport. We arrived to find it closed, but we were let in. We were the only ones there for the first hour or two when someone turned up – then left. After a while someone stopped by the airport to check us in. She and the baggage handler were also the airport staff. When the tiny plane arrived, she flagged it down while he did maintenance checks.

The 50 minute journey on a plane all to ourselves, from a airport we had all to ourselves, was comfortable. I’d definitely recommend travelling with LC Busre.

Photos include shots of the plane, shots of the altiplano of the Andes from the air and shots of industrial northern Lima from the air.

Photos –

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