El Hospital Chalaco

May 1st, 2007

Hospital Chalaco is the recently inaugurated medical centre of Callao, which attends 3,000 people daily from the various areas of the country’s main port.

This modern hospital, is located in the intersection of Av. Tomas Valle and Av. Bertello, has been entirely constructed of unused shipping containers that have been especially refurbished and equipped with the latest generation of medical technologies offering specialised treatment.

There are in fact two other hospitals, but as Mayor of Callao Félix Moreno explained to El Comercio, “these don’t cover all the health needs of the population of the port, which is close to 800,000. For this, the Chalaco Hospital has become a new alternative for the disadvantaged citizens of the area, there has to be specialised treatment within reach of the average family”.

The hospital has a large operating theatre in which three simultaneous surgeries can be carried out. It also has a hyperbaric chamber for treatment of circulatory problems, burns of any type, rehabilitation of patients with neurological problems and sports injuries as well as any treatment requiring a speeding up of the healing process.

Another of the novelties in the hospital are the electronic patient cards and records that will record the entire medical history of the patient. This will speed up treatment in what is normally a paper-based nightmare.

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