Spectacled Bears

January 7th, 2008

These small bears live throughout the forested Andean regions of South America. In Peru they are commonly associated with the northern regions, where dry sub-tropical and cloud forests are more prevalent, though they also still exist in the high-altitude cloud forests along the spine of the Andes. They feel at home in the canopies of trees, where they also find most their food sources.

My first contact with Spectacled Bears, other than from the Paddington Bear stories as a child, was at the private reserve of Chaparrí in the department of Lambayeque, 60km from Chiclayo. Here bears are being reintroduced to the wild after been freed from captivity, and in often cruel conditions. You can read about some of the bears rescued here, and see my photos by opening this blog entry and clicking a thumbnail on the right. These photos are a result of me not being electrocuted by an electric fence, and not being mauled by what turned out, luckily, to be tolerant bears. Enjoy.

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