Cumbe Mayo’s Mysteries

January 18th, 2008

South west of Cajamarca is a site steeped in ancient mystery. A forest of towers of rock covered by a thick fog sets the scene for this place with features yet to be explained.

What does it mean?

The site of Cumbe Mayo is named for the ancient water channels carved into the mountain rock, correctly written Kumpi Mayu, meaning well-made channels. Carved about 1500B.C. these channels are cut at perfect angles through solid rock as if by laser. There are over 9km of them and no obstacle gets in their way.

In various caverns and carved rock faces you will also find detailed petroglyphs that no-one has been able to interpret. Some say they could be stories, others that they could be maps around the maze of this forest of rocks.


How was it cut?

The place is a mystery to researchers. No one has a clue how the channels were carved or what the petroglyphs mean. Visitors come to guess for themselves while they also enjoy a walk through the misty and beautiful rock forest in Cajamarca’s green and damp Andes.

More photos of this extraordinary place below.

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