People of Cajamarca

February 1st, 2008

The people of Cajamarca are as distinctive as any in Peru, with an individual culture, customs and typical dress.

Photos at end.

In the gallery accompanying this blog I will show some of the photos I have taken of the people in this region, urban and rural, going about their daily business. You may notice a particular distinctive aspect of the dress – the famous Cajamarca hat.

The enormous hat is worn by both men and women and is made from the trimmed leaves of palm trees. Woven and shaped by hand, the hats are resilient and strong.

Regardless of how much money you have, the one thing about your appearance that has to be perfect is your hat, for many, the hat is the most expensive thing they own and is always looked after.

In the local markets you’ll find thousands of hats for sale, and almost as many people out looking for new ones. The subtle differences in shape and style are pondered over as hat-buyers move from stall to stall looking for a good deal.

Once the perfect hat is found, it is worn with pride and treated with care.

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