The Longest River in the World

May 7th, 2008

What river has the highest volume of water in the world?
Answer – The Amazon, with 1/5th of the world’s river water, more than the next ten combined.

What is the longest river in the world?
Answer – The Nile… Amazon, at 7062km/4388m long – 391km/242m longer than the Nile.

In an expedition organised by the Geographical Society of Lima and led by Polish explorer Jacek Palkiewicz, the origin of the Amazon river is now confirmed to be in a remote location in Arequipa, starting at a creek by the name of Apacheta on the Nevado Quehuisha mountain.

It had previously been concluded from the 1990 expedition that the nearby Nevado Mismi was the source of the river. Confirmed by a Brazilian team and the US’s National Geographic in 2000, this still made it about 100km/60m longer than the Nile and officially the world’s longest river.

The new placement now unequivocally confines the Nile’s place as longest river to the dustiest of old history books.

From 5150m/16896ft above sea level, on the slopes of Quehuisha, water flows unbroken to the Atlantic ocean 7062km away.

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