Heavy rains damage Nazca lines

January 19th, 2009
Damage caused earlier today

Damage caused earlier today

Floods caused by the strong rains in the Andes of the past few days, an event that occurs every year, have affected one of the famous lines, part of dozens declared a UNESCO site in 1994.

Following information from archaeologist Mario Olaechea, coordinator of the National Institute of Culture (INC) in Nasca, the flash flood in question was caused by rain that has fallen in the Andean gully known as San Pablo, carving a path through the normally dry and barren Nazcan desert towards the figure known as la mano or the hand.

Olaechea explains that the lines of have not been erased, but rather the flash flood, called a huaico in Peru and now at a slower speed, is passing over it.

On-site evaluations have so far determined that the damage is reversible.

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