Uru Chipaya face extinction through climate change [Featured]

April 24th, 2009

The Guardian explains how the water people of the Andes, the Uru Chipaya, who are known as the oldest culture in the region, face extinction as global weather patterns rob them of the river that brought them life.

Its members belong to what is thought to be the oldest surviving culture in the Andes, a tribe that has survived for 4,000 years on the barren plains of the Bolivian interior. But the Uru Chipaya, who outlasted the Inca empire and survived the Spanish conquest, are warning that they now face extinction through climate change.

The tribal chief, 62-year-old Felix Quispe, 62, says the river that has sustained them for millennia is drying up. His people cannot cope with the dramatic reduction in the Lauca, which has dwindled in recent decades amid erratic rainfall that has turned crops to dust and livestock to skin and bones.

“Over here used to be all water,” he said, gesturing across an arid plain. “There were ducks, crabs, reeds growing in the water. I remember that. What are we going to do? We are water people.”

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