Mexico flu: Maximum alert declared in Callao, Peru

April 26th, 2009
A scene in Mexico hoped not to be repeated in Peru

A scene in Mexico hoped not to be repeated in Peru

Peru has stepped up efforts to monitor airports, sea ports and borders in light of the continuing threat from the swine flu inflicting Mexico and parts of the United States.

In Callao, Lima’s adjoining port city where its international airport is also located, authorities have ordered health screenings for passengers arriving on inbound flights from Mexico and the US.

Regional president of Callao, Alex Kouri, explains that doctors from Callao’s Daniel Alcides Carrión hospital will be looking for signs of flu or pneumonia symptoms at Jorge Chavez International.

Sea ports will also have contagion prevention measures stepped up, with tighter checks on ships arriving from infected areas or carrying pig-relating cargo.

The rapid spread of the H1N1 virus can be monitored here.

Updates with relevance to Peru

09:10 – 27th April 2009 – Swine Flu detected in Peru?

Screenings at Peru’s Jorge Chavez airport have detected someone with an apparent case of swine flu. Although the Ministry of Health has not released the identity of the person, or their nationality, the passenger was said to have arrived on a commercial flight from Mexico.

“On arriving in Lima, they had a general feeling of illness and a fever of higher that 39°c. Based on the zone in which they travelled from, this is a suspicious case,” the Ministry of Health explained.

The patient has been moved to isolation in the Daniel Alcides Carrión del Callao, and results of whether this person has swine flu should be available within 48 hours.

12:00 – 27th April 2009 – No swine flu in Peru

A female passenger returning from Cancún, México to Lima this morning, who exhibited signs of influenza, does not have the swine flu strain according to doctors.
The Peruvian woman had travelled to Mexico for ten days of vacations, left Lima with a mild cough that deteriorated by the time of her return. She is now resting at home under observation.

16:10 – 27th April 2009 – Possibility of swine flu not completely discarded

This morning’s passenger has apparently not been completely cleared, full results tomorrow, but preliminary tests show unlikely. There is some anger over Callao’s apparent wish to play down the threat, with politicians declaring the patient virus-free with no evidence.

8:52 – 28th April 2009 – Five other arriving airline passengers suspected and cleared

Five other passengers have been suspected of being virus carriers and later cleared, the Ministry of Health confirm this morning.

Additionally they inform that Peru has the necessary supplies to deal with an outbreak, including vaccines and masks.

14:52 – 28th April 2009 – Peru among those suspected of being infected

A Peruvian is among several patients suspected of being infected with the swing flu in Chile.

17:20 – 29th April 2009 – FIRST CONFIRMED CASE IN PERU

Peru’s health minister has announced the first confirmed case of swine flu in Peru.

An Argentinean woman travelling from an infected area was discovered to be suffering of high fever while flying home.

Stopped in Peru, tests confirmed she did have the H1N1 strain, and is currently in hospital in Callao.

It is not known how many others she has infected.

20:11 – 29th April 2009 – Suspected cases in Iquitos and Cuscos

Patients are under observation in the Amazon city of Iquitos and the Andean city of Cusco for suspected swine flu. Results yet to be confirmed.

The man thought to be infected in Cusco is a tour guide who recently worked with a group of Mexican tourists.

21:56 – 29th April 2009 – ALL FLIGHTS FROM MEXICO BANNED

All flights have been banned from Mexico by the Ministry of Health.

15:00 – 30th April 2009  – Swine flu declaration reversed

It has been anounced that although the Argentinean woman does indeed have a serious form of flu, it does not appear to be the H1N1 strain. She reamins in observation and isolation.

The American in Iquitos and Peruvian guide in Cusco are confirmed not to have swine flu.

Peru is still free of swine flu.

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