Over $315,000,000 owed to Peru by the corrupt

August 25th, 2010

The millions and millions of dollars of funds stolen during the government of Alberto Fujimori total some S/.904,000,000 PEN or about $322,000,000 USD.

Fujimori’s spy-chief and friend Vladimiro Montesinos alone, currently in jail for his crimes, owes and refuses to pay as much as S/.170 million that authorities have been unable to uncover.

The ex-President himself is estimated to have stolen S/.8 million, according to investigators headed by Julio Cesar Roca, charged with recovering the debts.

Another former minister Absalon Vasquez, who is running for the Presidency of Cajamarca region yet refuses to pay back the money he stole, owes some 18 million soles.

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