New Chachapoyan archaeological site discovered

September 14th, 2010

Called Atumpucro, it has some 150 circular homes and impressive walls. Seated on a hill of the same name, it was found in the province of Luya by photographer and explorer Martín Chumbe.

Atumpucro ruins

An archaeological complex full of typical Chachapoyan round builds has been discovered in the district of San Juan de Lopecancha, province de Luya in the Amazonas region. The discovery was made by local explorer and photographer Martín Chumbe in a joint expedition with the district’s mayor, owner of the land.

The complex, named Atumpucro for the hill it sits on, is located on the western side of the Utcubamba river a two hour drive and 40 minute walk from the modern city of Chachapoyas. The site appears to have an extension of more than two hectares and about 150 homes in a good state of preservation.

“It is a beautiful place. All the houses have rectangular windows, niches and friezes all around. The houses are build upon large terraces and there are impressive walls about 50 metres long and 3 metres high,” Chumbe explains.

Located between the tourist sites of Revash and the citadel of Kuélap, it is thought the site could become a new tourist attraction. From the top visitors would enjoy views over the valley of the river Utcubamba and the district of Jalca Grande.

“The architecture and the skilled work that has gone into building the site has allowed the building to survive for all this time despite their precarious location”, Chumbe adds.

“It’s now up to the authorities to see to it that the site is conserved and protected”.

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