Peru pays $1million to host Dakar Rally

October 19th, 2010

Peru’s government confirms the $1m payment for the letter of guarantee that will see the world’s most famous motor race take place in Peru.

Fought over between Chile and Argentina for 2011 and in the end passing through both countries as it has previously, 2012 will see the deserts of Peru included in the race.

The French organizers of the event, who recently visited Peru and in particular the dunes in the region of Ica, were said to be impressed by the possibilities.

Peruvian authorities presented the idea of racing across Peru’s sometimes rocky and sometimes sandy deserts with a grand final in the capital of Lima, an idea that went down well with the French.

The “Dakar Peru 2012″ proposal received the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism, releasing funds to pay for the guarantee of close to $1m US dollars.

Dakar 2011 will take place in the first days of next year, and like in 2009 and 2010, will start from Buenos Aires and cross the border with Argentina in Mendoza, passing through Chilean territory to Valparaíso before returning to Buenos Aires.

The economic benefits for Argentina and Chile resulting from the hosting of Dakar reach around $129 million dollars, a sum that would be welcomed in Peru.

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