Peruvian food “classy” in Buenos Aires

November 30th, 2010

Peruvian food is considered ever more gourmet and fashionable in the capital of Argentina.

“Six years ago, the first high-gourmet Peruvian restaurant opened, but it has only really been three years since an explosion occurred with gourmet Peruvian food in the city. Before that there were small popular restaurants with fixed clientèle”, explains Paloma Oliver Malaga, coordinator of the Association of Peruvian Gastronomy in Argentina.

Since then Peruvian gastronomy has been all the rage, basking in publicity. This year, the Oleo Guide, one of the most prestigious gastronomic publications of Argentina, registered more than 30 Peruvian restaurants on its list.

While high-range restaurants like Osaka and Astrid & Gaston are among the favorites of Argentinians, located in the most exclusive nieghbourhoods of the capital, there are some 90 other smaller places serving tens of thousands of diners every day.