La Garúa

May 24th, 2006

Weather in Lima has been changable of late as the onset of winter really gets going.

During the winter months, which last from about now until November, the city if often covered in sea mist called la garúa. You may think a city in the center of one of the world’s driest desert coasts would make it totally devoid of moisture… but you’d be wrong. It’s this yearly fog that allows the desert ecosystem to survive. The plants suck it up, the animals eat the plants.

Back in the city though, it tends the make the bleakest parts look more grey and drab. It also holds down the pollution too – and Lima is not known for its clean air. Walking is not recommended by the locals!

It was not very foggy when I took these photos, but you get the idea. You can also see the Limeño tradition of jumping off cliffs. There’s a 50m+ drop over that edge, with a main road and a beach below, then open ocean.

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