La Costa Verde

February 14th, 2007

Annett always complains that my photos concentrate on the ugly parts of Peru or Lima. That may be true because those gritty parts interest me the most and to me are less ugly than to a Peruvian. But it has to be said, some parts of this city for example are very beautiful.

In Lima there is nowhere more beautiful than La Costa Verde in Miraflores on a clear-skied sunny day. Most tourists would have seen the Costa Verde before and recognise the photos attached to this blog entry. Despite these photos, quite unfortunately, most visitors I have spoken to see Lima as a dirty and ugly place they can’t wait to get out of. The food alone would make me want to stay many days (and I have, a couple of hundred of them), but when you see the better parts of Lima you’ll realise it’s a lot less ugly than many tourists think.

Take a look.

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