Alan Presidente

July 29th, 2006

At the end of the parade, the new President and Michelle Bachelet waved to the people. My only good photo of them both together was blurred.

Between smiling, Alan was aggressively barking orders at his incredibly incompetent security services. There was a flurry of activity from security at the end of the parade due to an event that happened when he was taking his seat…

A man, who seemed somewhat crazed, hopped over the fence onto Avenida Brasil, where there are a number of army personnel to stop this from happening, and ran from some distance barging through several of the president’s reactionless security service staff, barged passed the President of Chile and straight into Alan García, where he lingered for several seconds while Alan tried to push him off. Eventually he was led away… but incredibly only to the side of the Avenue. Not to an awaiting police car and jail cell. Not out of the area of the parade. Not even to the other side of the fence back into the crowd.
So here the man waited for several seconds before making another mad dash from the exact same direction, from the middle of the avenue from the back of the Presidents. Again there was no reaction from the security personnel. The man placed himself directly in front of Alan, causing the president to trip when the security services finally pulled him away whilst he was holding onto Alan.
This time he was taken off into custody, but instead of being taking out of the area, was given the time to appear in front of the news cameras starring blankly into the distance as they begged him to tell them what on earth he was doing.

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