Ecuador: A morning trek in the Amazon

February 3rd, 2007

With our guide that we arranged for in Tena at the last moment and a last minute price, we headed out to an eco-lodge in the forest for the day. From the lodge – a wooden construction perched on a cliff of maybe 80 metres, we had spectacular views looking over the rainforest.

After bathing in insect repellent it was time to head out for a walk in the forest which combined some lessons on the medicinal properties of local plants, and eventually a climb up a rock face to get back to the lodge.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time than I did during this mornings walk. The peace of trekking through the forest with just Annett and the guide, hearing the animals and the incects. Using local streams as the only accessible path to get around. Laughing at Annett being scared of the bats in the caves. Climbing up through a cavern to get back to where we were. Seeing strange insects such as thorny spiders. Feeling the heat of the rain as it falls through the warm air, through the dense canopy of trees and onto you.
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