Barranco – Slope of the Baths

March 9th, 2007

The history of Barranco is here, but what I neglected to mention was the most important part. It’s not important for what happened there and no Chileans destroyed it. It’s important because it’s the natural feature for which the town was named. This natural feature is a ravine that is cut into the cliff and runs down to the beaches below.

In the late 1800’s this slope was turned into a path, and where fishermen once had to climb up or down the last portion of the cliff, a staircase was built. Over the ravine, now refered to as the Slope of the Baths, was built a wooden Bridge of the Sighs. It was the first crossing built across the gorge. The bridge was only partially destroyed by troops from Chile who and burnt down most of Barranco and its historic church.

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