On the UFO trail in Chilca, Peru

April 7th, 2009

Translated from Alberto Villar Campos’s article in El Comercio

Tonight I will have to see to believe. I will submit without prejudice to what is presumed will be an incomparable experience and to forget, even for a few hours,  that shameful fear of the unknown that I was caught up in as a child and even now I have not lost.

The route has taken us just 67 kilometres south of Lima on the afternoon of March 30, in the desert Chilca the cloudless sky is painted entirely red. Sixto Paz, the man who claims to have had his first extraterrestrial contact 35 years ago and having visited Ganymede (one of Jupiter’s moons), heads the group of 40 people, including journalists from Costa Rica, United States and Peru, members of Rama, a curious group, and Ana Maria Polo, the famous judge of the virulent “Caso Cerrado”, who tries to make her secret passion for the expedition go unnoticed.

It is the eighth time that the “guides” (as Sixto Paz calls the aliens) have agreed to a date and time for an appearance, and 12 years have elapsed since the last time the press joined him on a similar trip. If all goes well, between 30 and March 31,  the alien ships will let themselves been seen at least four times.

“You know when you know something? When you have no doubts”. Argentine Marcelo Dos Santos lived until recently off his fame as an actor, and was married to actress Aura Cristina Geithner from Colombia, but now devotes his life to his pursuit of truth… and to throw out such disconcerting phrases as we walk into the ‘Rings of Saturn’, the area chosen for the sighting. Before arriving here and assembling their tents, Sixto Paz lead a first meditation in conjunction with the attendees. All had their hands open and eyes closed as if in a trance. Everything was mixed in the dark of night.

The ritual was repeated again at 7 pm, the first hour of the agreed “road maps” for a first encounter. But in just a few seconds, any semblance of excitement fades away in the sky lights are just a few planes and under them the black outlines of the uneven hills.

Sixto then says he has received a message (he says he has done ever since he was young) from the aliens. “Sorry that we did not respect the schedule at this time, but we have our reasons that you will later understand. Remember, everything has meaning. We are closely watching, and you will feel our presence and you will see. “

The most famous Peruvian ufologist and whom many in the world, including other ufologists but especially the scientific community, branded as insane and a con man, apologised for having spread the news of the trip on the Internet. This, he says, is what might scare off the visitors.

Maybe us journalists are the only uneasy ones here, because meditation continues and to guests it is as though nothing had happened, or simply everything was about to happen.

UFO on its second visit

UFO on its second visit

Then, at 8:37 pm, a red light appears in the middle of two mountains located four kilometres from where we are. From a distance, the object appears crescent shaped, only moving for a few moments and a minute later disappears.

The excitement is multiplied among the few skeptics, while the sound of camera shutters sound like thunder in the dark. Sixto seeks more meditation, and in what appears to be a burst of media opportunism, speaks about Barack Obama, who according to the aliens, is the one who will correct the errors of the United States.

At 9:10 pm, ten minutes after the second timetabled hour, the light appears again. Now it is closer and takes the form of a disc, shines harder than before and takes a few minutes to hide.

“You saw it too, no?”, asks Dr. Ana Maria Polo. There was no way to deny it. At her side, several people share the captured images of the object.

“I have no fear, just excitement,” says Sixto. “I am not interested in going down in history, only that my life has meaning here and now.”

It is three o’clock, almost all sleep – Judge Polo has not stopped talking with her team and the leader of this visit has disappeared from the camp. Edgar Silva, a Costa Rican journalist says Sixto Paz has gone to sleep and prefers to think that it was the moon that we saw this strange night, not an unidentified object. An object which, to our misfortune, we did not to see again.

What could it be? Some say that this is natural phenomena that occurs in Chilca every now and then, and others claim that this place is the territory that the aliens have been using for thousands of years to confirm their presence on Earth. At 5 am on March 31 Sixto Paz saw us off, but the sensation of seeing something indescribable is still there. True or not, what we saw there was clearly strange. What to believe.

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