Ceviche at Punto Azul, Benavides

July 23rd, 2006

After my brush with the President of Perú, we went to eat ceviche at a new location of the growing Punto Azul chain. They now have 5 restaurants, this one on Av. Benavides opened a few weeks ago.

Ceviche is a dish of Peruvian central coast origin that consists of raw pacific fish marinated in highly acidic citrus fruits, Peruvian lemons usually. To this chopped onions and ají (chili peppers) are added. The acidity of these ingredients actually cooks the fish (and/or shellfish) so it is not technically raw when served.

Ceviche is the most wondrous of foods, but at Punto Azul it was fairly average. ‘Fairly Average’ ceviche still blows most international cuisine out of the water though.

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