Telmex destroys 2000 year old burial ground

June 15th, 2007

Mexican telephone giant Telmex has been accused of destroying part of a 2000 year old necropolis belonging to the Paracas pre-Inca civilisation. According to Alfredo Gonzalez, Ica regional director of the INC, the telephone company cut straight through the protected heritage site in order to lay new fiber optic cable.

Almost 400 square metres of the ancient burial ground have now been destroyed by the work that Gonzalez said was conducted without any respect for the area’s historical value.

“The one who ordered the project can not have been Peruvian. How else can you explain ordering a project of this size in such a rich historical area?” exclaimed the director.

The Paracas are one of the cultures that are famous for deforming their skulls.

Telmex Peru are not commenting.

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