Templos de Ayacucho

April 2nd, 2007

Ayacucho has a church almost on every block of the city. Some of them date back to the days of the original conquest by Francisco Pizarro. In this blog, I give a brief history of some of the oldest and photos of as many as I could find in a hour or two of looking.

La Catedral
The cathedral was constructed in the 1600’s, in a mestizo and baroque style. During Semana Santa it is the main point of focus.

Templo San Cristobal
This was the very first church built in Ayacucho built in 1540. As the first church in the tiny settlement it was officially the cathedral. Made of mud and stone, it has a single bell tower. Now laying mostly in ruins due to age, it is still the burial place of Spanish killed fighting the Incas in the Batalla de Chupas in 1542.

Templo de Santo Domingo
Built in 1548 for the Virgin of the Rosary. On the front of the church is a drawing of the Virgin, beneath which in the time of the inquisition, heretics were tortured and killed.

Templo y Convento de San Fransisco de Asis
This church was built in 1552 in Greco-Roman style. It has the biggest bell in the city.

Templo Compañía de Jesus
Built in 1605, it is baroque in style and covered with carvings on its walls.

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