April 9th, 2007

The village of Quinua, in the huamanga pampa surrounding the city of Ayacucho is above all famous for its Artesanía. People also visit for the nearby monument to the dead of the battle for Peru’s independence and to visit the village’s photogenic streets.

Many of the peoples houses are open and have displays of the ceramics produced by the family. Producing these ceramics are the primary source of income for most people in the region. Now that I am able to recognise the work of Ayacuchanos I realise how much of it I have seen in Lima and Cusco.

We travelled to Quinua in a local bus, a micro. It seems here they wait until the bus is full before leaving, so getting on halfway along the journey – after having got off to visit anything along the way – would be difficult. The town has a small museum in the deserted plaza but the real places to visit are the numerous artesanía shops throughout the village.
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