Cruces más peligrosos de Lima

April 27th, 2007

The most dangerous crossings in Lima – this is a report released by the Ministry of Transport and Communication highlighting and mapping the most dangerous traffic intersections in the city, the fourth most dangerous being Surco’s Ovalo Higuereta, which I cross a couple of times each day.

The report states that there are 77,000 accidents each year, resulting in more than 3,000 deaths. The MTC has mapped the 1,029 intersections it considers as black spots, the worst one is also in Surco, the intersection of Tomas Marsano and Caminos del Inca produced 97 traffic accidents in the surveyed year. The report blames these on the lack of an adequate traffic light system. Av. Eduardo de Habich with the northern Pan-American was the second worst in the city with 79 accidents and 2 deaths.

Take a quick walk or drive through Lima and you will notice something about the majority of the cars – most of them have their backs, sides or fronts dented or even completely smashed.

Elsewhere in Lima, outside Miraflores’s municipality building, groups of school children had arrived to have a road safety lesson. Of the 3000 people who die each year, a large number are children.

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