El Brujo Archaeological Complex

December 17th, 2007

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/81/206708637_c1615a5804_m.jpgEl Brujo was one of the most important religious sites of the Moche culture. One of the pyramidal structures found there has beautiful preserved high relief murals, still with original paint – making it one of the most important archaeological sites too.

Located in the Chicama valley some distance north of Trujillo, in the province of Ascope, this site has been under investigation since the 1990s.



The complex is formed principally by the Cao Viejo and Huaca Cortada pyramids, but also the nearby Moche pyramid El Paredón and a pre-ceramic site over 5000 years old, showing a continuous human presence since the times of early civilisation.

In the huge pyramid of Cao Viejo, you see a similar design the the Huaca de la Luna in the Moche home valley. A very similar temple, plaza and ramp design.

The ceremonial area in the plaza is identical to the one located in the plaza in the Huaca de la Luna. Thanks to the IBM virtual archaeology project, and the level of preservation at the Cao Viejo site we can see it looked like this.

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