Cusco sells its soul to McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks

May 15th, 2008

Photo: Ale Jr

In the coming months ancient Inca architecture may not be all that draws your attention in Cusco’s historic plaza, as a pair of Golden Arches is raised over it.

This very same plaza was the centre of the Inca’s world for hundreds of years before the Spanish arrived and destroyed it. Could this be the end of the colonial plaza in the face of US destruction?

Buying into the city at a time of all-time highs in property values, McDonald’s, KFC and even Starbucks are planning to open their first locales in the city. No date has been set for their openings yet, but all are three locations are currently being refurbished.

Hopefully local officials have planned ahead and banned any obvious and distruptive signage. Officials and locals in this region are often easily blinded by dollars.

Considering the placement of these businesses, it is clear that locals aren’t the target consumer, it’s the tourists. I’m off the opinion that any tourist found in these establishments should be deported.

For a panarama of the Plaza de Armas, click here.

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