Barin Bababo: Shipibo Konibo: Cosmovision of an Amazonian People [Featured]

May 3rd, 2009

I wrote a short time ago about the Shipibo people, an indigenous Amazonian tribe, some of whom now live on the polluted river Rímac in Lima’s desert. (Alejandro also introduced us to the River Rimac Project)

Here, Alejandro tells us more about the Shipibo people living in Rimac, and their fascinating artwork.

In the slums at the base of Cerro San Cristóbal, an arid mountain rising on the far side of the Rimac River from Lima’s historic center, there is a community called Cantagallo. It is where the Shipibo people, who have migrated from the Amazonian region of Peru to its desert capital, live.

Amidst the precarious homes and the nearby traffic belching out pollution, young Shipibo artists create beauty: paintings that reflect their unique Amazonian cosmology.

This talented collective of young indigenous artists have had numerous shows in Lima and other parts of Peru.

These are three videos of members of the Shipibo tribe, who come from the fertile valleys of the Pucallpa region in the Peruvian Amazonian, to live in the center of arid Lima.

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