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Cevichería Sonia

One of Lima’s most famous ceviche restaurants is Sonia. It is a small, humble and hidden place bellow the large rocky wall of sand that reaches out into the ocean in Chorrillos.

Hidden Lima: Callao’s La Punta

After two centuries, La Punta is still a destination for those in search of a tranquil respite from the rest of the Lima-Callao conurbation. The peacefulness here is more like that of a small town than the district of an enormous major metropolitan area.

Huarique Manolo

Manuel: “I have a friend called ‘Don Pésimo’ who always says: ‘This is as bad as a mango ceviche’. And one day, to play with him, I made him a ceviche with mango!”

Peru’s Plans for Global (Foodie) Conquest [Featured]

Time Magazine recently ran this excellent article about the steady rise of Peruvian gastronomy. (Thanks to Juancho for the heads up).

Gastón Acurio is a name the foodie cognoscenti will recognize. Though not quite a popular brand name like Mario Batali or Bobby Flay or Alain Ducasse, the Peruvian chef has created destination restaurants in the otherwise gray city of Lima that gourmands flock to whenever they can, eschewing the tourist havens of Machu Picchu and Cuzco. Hailed as the “next superchef” by some magazines, Acurio now has his eyes set on global conquest. His goal: to make Peruvian cuisine as familiar around the world as Mexican, Chinese and Thai.