Ollantaytambo – Inca Ruins

November 13th, 2006

The Spanish had caused the Inca empire to collapse. The pacific coast was theirs, they had founded the city of Lima. Marching on Cuzco they entered without a fight. The Inca emperor had been put to death, and the city of Cuzco was pillaged. The Spanish had installed a puppet emperor who was to do their bidding while they looted the empire for gold and forced the people into Christianity.

The puppet emperor placed on the throne was Manco Inca – but he had no intention of obeying the Spanish. Secretly over the course of two years he raised an army then led a rebellion. The first battle of the rebellion was epic in scale and took place at Sacsayhuamán, above the city of Cuzco. Thousands died and the Incas were defeated – what was left of their army retreated to Ollantaytambo, a town that was part city, part fort and part rural retreat for the great Inca Pachacutec who ordered its construction. The Spanish followed, after themselves haven suffered heavy loses. Sure in themselves and their superior weapons they approached the massive terraces on which the Inca army was lined up for battle. Looking at the photos attached with this entry, you will have no trouble seeing how the Spanish were defeated.
Photos below.

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