The man who kidnapped himself

February 9th, 2007

There are plenty of strange and stupid crimes reported daily on the news here but this one caught my eye more than is usual. A man reportedly kidnapped days ago has resurfaced and has been arrested for faking the whole thing hoping to collect a large ransom from his family.

Oscar Ruiz Cruzado turned up at his family’s restaurant days after going missing claiming to have been kidnapped by a Colombian-lead “kidnapping gang”.
When interviewed by police though, Ruiz Cruzado contradicted himself throughout leading to police suspicion and eventually his confession.

According to Peruvian Police Chief, Jorge Mejia Asanza, Ruiz Cruzado wanted to collect a ransom of S/.300,000 from his family, who are owners of various restaurants in Lima. “His story was incredible, he actually called his own mother asking for a S/.300,000 ransom. He negotiated for two days, though because the negotiations fell apart, he returned home,” said the police chief.


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