The Dead Walk!

October 21st, 2007

Well they didn’t really. They mostly stayed at home with their families waiting for Government volunteers to arrive and ask them a few questions. The streets were quiet – there were no cars and police were stationed at major junctions. Although it looked like a scene out of the movie 28 Days Later, fortunately there were no zombies to be found.

Today was the day of the national census, as explained here, and while officers went door to door to collect information, a curfew was in affect. This meant no travel, no open shops and people having to stay at home all day. Of course this caused havoc last night as millions of Peruvians turned up at supermarkets and gas stations 5 minutes before closing time.

Throughout today here in Lima, the curfew was mostly respected. A few taxis drove around, I saw a restaurant open, empty, with the disgruntled owner sitting outside on the curb, and a few people like me wandering around in awe. No noise, no fumes and empty highways.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Lima street looks like without thousands of cars, combis and taxis, you’ll have to look at the photos attached to this blog of the Ovalo Higuereta area, were Av. Benavides crosses Tomas Marsano and meets Av. Aviación.

I also thought this photo was pretty good, captured by BG Peru on Avenida Brasil in Pueblo Libre.

La Combi no viene…
The bus isn’t coming…

More Photos –

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