San Martín and Peruvian Independence

November 24th, 2007

It was from this balcony in Huaura that in 1820 General Jose de San Martín first declared Peruvian independence from Spain.

San Martin already had experience fighting against the Spanish to liberate Argentina and Chile, as too did the many other South American generals he had met during his time in Europe that were accompanying him. He had by then fought in countless battles and had command of a large army and navy.

With his Chilean ships, San Martin attacked the town of Pisco in September 1820. He delivered to the Peruvian people the message “My announcement is not that of a conqueror that tries to create a new enslavement. I cannot help but be an accidental instrument of justice and agent of destiny. The outcome of victory will make Peru’s capital see for the first time their sons united, freely choosing their government and emerging into the face of earth among the rank of nations”.

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