Huaca Arco Iris

December 16th, 2007

One of the most interesting and often-visited Chimú constructions other than the city of Chan Chan is the Huaca Arco Iris, the rainbow pyramid, otherwise known and the dragon pyramid. This Chimú temple gets these names from the decoration the covers p1070704all of it walls. The wall designs depict what looks like a rainbow with what they saw as its 4 distinct colours, with a head that looks like it could be of a dragon. Other mythological characters from the region also appear to be dragon-like and are depicted on pottery.

This religious complex consists of an outer wall with a pyramid inside. A ramp leads to the top, where an extra step of the pyramid, since destroyed by rain, used to be. On top of this step was a roofed temple. To the side of the pyramid are a series of pits in which offerings were put.
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