Peruvian gastronomy could become world cultural heritage

September 29th, 2009

Thanks to its extreme biodiversity and the history of cultural mixing, Peru’s cuisine is increasingly considered one of the world’s greats. It is for this reason that the government has unveiled plans to make the country’s gastronomy an item of World Heritage in the “culture” category.

Mercedes Aráoz (

Mercedes Aráoz (

Mercedes Aráoz, Minister of Production, with the help of the chamber of commerce and the National Institute of Culture (INC), plans to prepare and submit the necessary documentation to UNESCO. She explains that along with Peru, just France and Mexico have plans to do the same.

“We haven’t achieved our aim yet, but its a dream, taking into account that until now neither France or Mexico have received the same recognition,” she told the Andina news agency.

To be awarded world heritage recognition the application must be passed by the Education, Sciences and Cultural division of the United Nations (UNESCO).

Peruvian gastronomy has already been awarded this recognition at national level, and Peruvian Cuisine is now promoted as a tourist attraction on the same level as say Machu Picchu.

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