Peruvian Paso horses set off on journey to Lima

October 7th, 2009

Known as one of the world’s finest breeds of horses, the Peruvian Paso Horse (Caballos Peruano de Paso) is a symbol of pride for Peru. Bred carefully over centuries, its unique gait makes it the most comfortable horse there is to ride and beautiful to watch. And it needs to be comfortable for the long journey ahead for a group of aficionados setting off from Ica.

Setting off (Photo: El Comercio)

Setting off (Photo: El Comercio)

Desplante, Requinto, Júpiter, Erial, Amauta, Don Fermín, Tomate and Patriota, eight stunning examples of the breed, set off this Sunday for the 218km trip to Lima, which will take several days at a comfortable pace.

The group of breeders who will be riding the horses hope to breathe new life into a long forgotten use for these fine animals – travel. In a time before highways, horses were once the only way to travel long distances.

The journey also pays homage to the bicentennial of the start of struggle for South American independence which reached Peru 10 years later. The group of riders set off from the Bahía de la Independencia in Ica where 190 years ago independence fighter José de San Martín landed and also headed for Lima.

With support from the National Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Paso Horses and the Universidad Científica del Sur, the caravan has already passed the Paracas National Reserve and the Huaca Centinela in Chincha, and will continue on to the pampas of Topará and valleys of Cañete, Asia, Mala and Chilca. The goal is to reach another of the horse’s historic homes – Mamacona in Lima – on Saturday October 10th.

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